study | work | blog

Even the title itself sounds terrifying, but as I always say, there is a solution to everything. There are many things that have to be done, like studying, others that are vital for living and last but not least, the one we all love here, blogging. Most of us are dealing with all of the above and when everything seems impossible, planning is here to help you out.

The Plan  |  When working full time, whether it's morning, afternoon or both, nothing seems to have its place throughout your day, but again it's important to set your priorities. Work is work and you'll always get home tired, even if you love your job. This is when you have to unwind, relax and be prepared to start your next goal, which is studying. That way you'll get all the unpleasant stuff out of the way to move on to the one you really enjoy. Blogging is definitely a two-part process for me. Daylight is my favourite time to take all the photos and nigh time I get text-excited and all the ideas fill my head. So, when at home in the morning, what a better way to start your day by taking lots and lots of photos for your blog. After a rough day of work and a little bit of studying, if you are feeling like typing some words and getting your blog mojo up high, then go for it! 

The Reality  |  If there is one thing I'd love to exclude from my routine, is definitely studying. Unfortunately this idea isn't a possibility so the only thing I can do is to force myself to get done with my last project and get my architecture degree. Fellow students can totally understand how stressful and time consuming this field can be, so let's take a moment to encourage each other to move on...

I tend to go through phases of full studying with an amazing progress and others that I can't even be bothered. Creativity and ideas can't be forced in any way and this why it's important to take your time, get inspired and start designing again. I've also noticed that whenever I'm brainstorming with post ideas and write them down creating a three-month-plan, I get even more inspired, while moving away from the whole process for a long period of time, can lead to an inspirational block. Speaking from personal experience, when you give up on something, it gives up on you too, so a nice way to keep growing as a creative person, is to never give up, but do your best to give your ideas life in an everyday basis; even if you can't see a difference right away, you'll be amazed by your progress in the long run!