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Hello to the readers at Cups & Roses! I am Divya and I have a blog over at The Conscience Fund which is my legit place on the internet to pour my heart and talk about makeup, beauty, life, travel and all the (non)sense under the sun! I am thrilled to be guest writer for Diana today and sharing my makeup story with you.

I am very particular about time. Its on-time-every-time for me or nothing! Its just one of those things for me which give me a major morning boost much like my morning coffee ha! Punctuality as we know it does not come cheap and takes a lot of struggle through bathing, dressing, eating and the sort so its important for me to streamline, organize and be quick.

Organization |  As a measure to save time I try not to have my entire makeup collection all in one place which is a struggle of epic proportions to get through, and instead have the things which I plan to use on a tray on my dresser for easy access. I have actually gotten really good at a monthly makeup cull where I sort through my entire collection pick a few makeup items in each category, set them aside, throw away or sell what's bad or not loved enough and then use the selected stash for the majority of the month.

Skincare | A few things are a must in my makeup routine which includes a bit of concealer, blush, eyeliner and a LOT of glow! I rely heavily on good skincare in order to keep my skin in top shape and cut down the product, effort and time to hide blemishes or blend foundation for hours in the morning. Besides, there is nothing better than a good skincare pamper in the morning to wake up!

Natural Bases | If it's a choice between natural and perfect I almost always go for natural which brings me to my preferred kind of bases, the tinted moisturisers. Also popular as "BB Creams" these have gradually become my favorite bases of all times, particularly the  Dior Skin Nude Bb Cream. It has coverage without caki-ness, glow without shimmer, hydration without greasiness.. what more can one want? To cover up those stubborn spots or eye bags my current favorite concealer is MAC's Select Moisturecover Concealer which incidentally was not love at first use but something that I have grown to really like now. Its great for my dry under-eye skin and also redness which I tend to have sometimes. On days when I only use concealer I like to use a good dusting of the Chanel's Les Beiges Healthy Glow to set everything in place and achieve a natural, undetectable glow. This powder is ridiculously priced but ridiculously good and for those of you who like me do not need coverage and live for the lit-from-within glowy goodness, this is your best bet!

Blush & Highlight | Blush is something I can never skip. Its probably my most loved makeup product and gives lipsticks a tight competition for the top spot! My current go-to is Clinique's Cheek Pop in Ginger Pop which came out last year and took the beauty world by a storm thanks to its incredible formula and gorgeous cream-to-powder finish. Ginger Pop is a staple peachy-pink with little brown tones that works perfectly on my medium-tan skin tone. To load up on the glow I love the RMS Beauty Living Luminizer which again is great for the skin (being a natural product) and the shimmer is completely undetectable once on the skin.

Minimal Eyes | I am all for cream eyeshadows in the morning. Blending powder eyeshadows is an art of a kind and given the time constraints I it! Chanel's Illusion D'ombre eyeshadows and MAC's paintpot's are every busy girl's best friend! I love Mirage from Chanel which is the most beautiful bronzey-shimmery-gold color yet! I usually skip brows and mascara, having been blessed with a full set of both so that saves a bit of time as well, but I love to curl my lashes to lift them and my Shu Uemura curlers are my go-to for that.

Hope you liked the post! Let me know what you think and head over to my blog for a read!

I am incredibly happy and lucky to have beautiful Divya as a guest on Cups & Roses! She lives in exotic Bangalore, India and while working as a Software Developer with a Computer Science Major degree, she is a professional on combining intelligence with beauty and make up; this is girl power

I've been loving her blog for so long, not only for her amazing photos but mainly because of her luxurious picks, always on point and the fact that I'd choose the same products for myself too! There is nothing not to love in The Conscience Fund and you can also follow her on Bloglovin, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter for a higher dose of beauty!