motivation on the go

The Basics BloglovinInstagramTwitterPinterestDropbox

All the right places to find new blogs and keep up with lots of posts, communicate and share, get inspired and motivated. Also, Dropbox is the ultimate way to have all your files secure in one place that connects your pc with your phone!

For Photo Editing | VSCO Cam

For a really long time I was only using this application to edit all of my photos, see filter T1, a little bit of brightness, contrast and that was pretty much it!

For Ideas Online | Asana

I fell in love with it back in December and never looked back since. I tried almost any To-Do application available and nothing seemed to work as good as this one! This is where I organise my posts for the coming months and writing lists that you can see separately in a calendar. It's also really convenient as you can keep notes on every single item in your list. So, when the mood strikes, I create post lists, beauty/fashion wishlists or any ideas in general.

For Ideas Offline Google Keep

Even though I'm loyal to Asana, the fact that you need internet connection to use it, doesn't always work for me. Keep is the one to write down quick notes, random tasks, anything you need to remember and do on a daily basis.

For Your Break | BlendokuDots

I used to enjoy Dots when I first discovered it, but Blendoku is something else. If you love colours, you should definitely check this out, it's perfection!

The Extras | 8tracksCoffitivityZara

A little bit of music, a little bit of fashion browsing... 8tracks allows you to find a million playlists according to your mood, for me it's all that jazz. Literally. You can listen my favourite playlist here is well known for playing background sounds, creating the atmosphere of a coffee shop or a library, to keep you motivated. Zara, no words here, just visit and fill your basket, it's psychotherapeutic!