the blue jersey jumper

Some words about the brand CLOTHO | CLOTHO is a greek fashion brand, based in Athens, Greece. Even though it's quite new, it totally caught my eye because of its simple, clean and minimal line. Every piece is basic and it can be worn in so many styles, casual, feminine, androgynous. It's this versatility I love about it and what it really makes it stand out among other fashion brands. So, if you are into minimal clothing but you don't know where to start from, this is for you.

The Blue Jersey Jumper * | This satin blue jumper was an item I definitely wanted to try. The challenge was to prove that a unique item like this one can be worn for everyday, because of its cool grey undertones. I paired it with dainty rings and a simple, yet beautiful necklace that resembles an ancient greek perfume bottle.

Visit Clotho to learn more about their collections, navigate through their e-shop to get your hands on their minimal clothes or be blown away by their Instagram.

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