green tea | the skin savior

I've come to the great realisation that whenever I'm sad, mad or anxious, I get major break-outs that can't be controlled by any means. Even though I do my best to stay positive whatever the circumstances are, if I feel unhappy, my skin will reflect that. This reflection was my reality for the last couple of months and I've literally tried anything in my skincare, but with no results. I was drinking so much water than a person could handle and still nothing. This is when I read Why you should start drinking green tea by Michela and I decided to give it a try. I also have to confess that I wasn't expecting much...

My experience so far

A cup of green tea once or twice a day really made a difference in one week. After a month of testing, I can get away with only one minor spot per week, which is totally fine with me and this way my skin has all the time to heal, while redness or scars are fading day by day. Even my skin's texture changed in a positive note. I was aware that this natural 'treatment' could cause break-outs at first, due to the detox phase that usually comes along, but I was more than happy to have clear, healthy looking skin from the beginning. It's amazing to see what a cup of green tea is capable to do, while I was hanging all my hopes in acne prone products. My favourite of all is the Carrefour Green Tea with Mint, but since there wasn't a single one left and they were also sold out, I went for the Lipton Green tea, which isn't a favourite to be honest, so I'm excited to go back to my first choice!

Is green tea part of your routine?