easy steps to manicure

Long story short, I used to despise how my nails looked as a child/teenager, mainly because I was biting them all the time. Thankfully that habit came to end when becoming 13 years old and I'm more than happy for letting this fact behind me, because I couldn't feel confident with my hands in general. Having also really fragile, easy chipped nails didn't help at all at the time and the only thing that could save them, was a salon manicure. There's nothing greater than having your nails done by a professional, but it's true that sometimes you don't have the time to arrange one, especially if you have to attend an unexpected event. So, here comes home mani-cure. At first, it was so difficult for me to have a descent result, but time after time, I ended up understanding which shape and technique work best for my nails and I want to share it with you, in case you're struggling like I used to.

#1  Shaping & Prepping

This is the first and most important step for a successful manicure: taking good care of them. Not only you have to find out which tools work best for you, but also consistency is really important for keeping them in the best condition possible through the years. I start by applying cuticle gel and then deeping my hands in a cup of warm water, letting it work for 5-10 minutes. By then, it should be pretty easy to push the cuticles back using an orange stick. I found this technique easy and effective, even though it may sound terrifying. This way you'll see your nails grow extremely fast in a week and your cuticles will stay in place, making the next manicure much easier. I used to be against cuticle cutter, but sometimes it's so needed to tame my stubborn cuticles, so it's literally up to you if you need it or not! After having a 'clean' nail base, I use a Sephora Nail File to achieve my preferred shape, which is usually squoval (square + oval, this word does exist!) and finally I apply my beloved Body Shop Almond Hand & Nail Cream, which smells amazing. 

#2  Base Coat, Polish of choice & Top Coat

Now it's time to choose a nail polish shade that fits with my mood, but in order to protect my nails and mostly to prevent any chipping, I always stick with the trusty  OPI Base & Top Coat, I can rave about them on and on and still it won't be enough, so please try them to figure out why I swear by them!

#3  The Extras

There are also some extra helpful tools to guide you through the perfect home manicure: the Bourjois Magic Nail Polish Remover, which is just the best for removing any polish (except for glitter!) in no time, leaving your nails nourished due to sweet almond oil and the Sephora Precision Correction Pen, which is so handy while painting your nails, especially with a bold colour.

Do you have any manicure tricks or products to share?