bath & body by Sephora

When visiting the Mothership, it's mostly for browsing through the amazing brands she has to offer. But what happens when it comes to her majesty? The Bath & Body section was the first clue that introduced me to Sephora ages ago, when I was so young to care about beauty products and too innocent to guess that I'll be wearing ALL the makeup a decade after. This range had me swooning over for hours, smelling all the glorious scents, with Caramel and Coco being my most used and loved. If you prefer sweet scents, those are the ones to go for! On the other hand, if you want a sour sweet choice, then it's Mytille all the way. The shower and shampoo products are the ones I'm left with, since I've already used up the body scrub, body lotion and perfume and I still can't get enough! With choices like Fleur de CottonChocolatFleur d'OrangerThé Citron, you'll want them all! So... if you ever visit Sephora, give this section a go!

Have you ever tried the Sephora Bath & Body range?