a simple brow routine

Today we're talking about brows. The bigger, the fuller, the bushier, the better! Mine were thin and arched for as long as I can remember. In the age of 8, I had the great idea to shave my right brow just to see how a razor works, genius?! Thankfully it grew back to normal and I rather prefer it for my left one, so weird... After years of almost over tweezing them -we've all been there, admit it!- I've finally found a simple routine, that requires minimum products and not filling at all. It' so easy that I probably shouldn't be sharing it, but for those who want three steps to a natural brow look, this is for you.


I clearly remember sticking my face to the mirror day per day, with tweezers in one hand, in an attempt to get rid of all the extra brow hair, which resulted in over tweezing. Now I use this helpful tool once a month, sparingly and carefully, removing only the hair that is obviously far away from my main shape (mostly under brow and sometimes over it).

Brushing & Trimming

After having my shape sorted, I use a brow wand to brush the hair upwards -this is quite scary- and holding them in place, I start trimming them with small scissors, little by little. This is where I take my time, as by trimming a little at a time, I won't over do it. In between, I brush them in their normal place to see the result and repeat if I think they need more. This step changed the look of my brows completely, since it proved that they were in the need of a general trimming, than tweezing.

No filling

I'm quite scared to use a brow pencil yet, but it's something I definitely want to try, only if it looks as natural as possible, so any recommendations from you are welcome!


When my makeup is done, the last step is to set my brows with the H&M Eyebrow Fix, so affordable and amazing at the same time. I wipe off the excess product and brush my brows upwards and over, without being too specific. This way they look fuller and natural. This gel sets without getting crispy and secures your brows in place all day long. I've already been through two of them and it's time to get the third bottle of magic!

Let me know which brow routine you like to follow!