a Korres love to be continued

Whether you're familiar or not with my previous post on Korres body skincare, I have to inform you that my love is still growing! Of course there are times that I don't pay too much attention on shower gels or even body creams (because yes, I can be that lazy!), but a lovely smelling bath is something I can't deny! Also there are so many skincare brands out there, so if I have to give a few reasons to try Korres is the chemical-free products and the unique scents, like Fig, Basil Lemon, Santorini Vine and so many more that I'd LOVE to try! Not so unique scent wise, there are a few products I tried the last week:

The Water Lily Showergel (€ 10,30) & the Water Lily Body Milk (€ 13,30) with the same lovely moisturising properties, but in a fresh and awakening scent of water lily. This is the perfect way to start your day with, as it's not overpowering or musky like the Japanese rose one (totally recommend it for an evening bath), but still provides a refreshing touch. This is where the body milk comes, in order to complete the water lily scent and you're ready to go!

The Almond Oil & Calendula Moisturising Hand Cream (€ 12,90) is the one and only cream that came as close to my heart and hands, as the Body Shop Almond Hand & Nail Cream, which I totally adore. Not only the Almond Oil strengthens, nourishes and protects your skin, but also the scent combination of almond oil and calendula, leaves a comforting feeling. I can tell for sure by now that I love the almond oil scent, but with the floral touch is even better. So, if you're not a big fan of the Body Shop one scent wise, you have to give the Korres cream a chance!

Have you tried any of these products?