seven days 01

At last, I went for shorter hair this time because I was in the need of a real change! So, here are the ways I wear my hair throughout the week. My favourite day of all is the first one obviously, with freshly washed hair. I straighten them a little with a big rounded brush to tame any frizziness and then follow with a curling wand to create loose waves for movement and a sea salt spray for texture. The next day, I'll still have some waves, so I can wear them down again, or half-up half-down to keep them away from my face, using these H&M hair pins. Things are getting a little weird in the third day, so this is when I go for a ponytail, simple or like this braided one. Last day, you know the drill, a bun with this Oysho hair tie will keep me happy till my next hair wash!