a huge thank you!

So, this is it! We made it till the end, better and stronger. 2014 is almost over and there are only a few hours left before we say goodbye and welcome the new year. I always feel excited, but also a little touched while the year changes, remembering all I left behind, that I'm still alive, healthy and ready to move on. I do like changes, I'm now brave enough to embrace them and let things go. Moving as life suggests, is always the best way. Almost 8 months ago, I created Cups & Roses and I still remember the 'butterflies in my stomach' as I was hitting the publish button. Now I feel happier than ever, also proud about my progress and I think it's about time I took a step further to challenge myself with a youtube channel. Sometimes I think, does this world really need another blog, another channel? But it's like I'm asking if this world needs another person and the answer is yes. We are different and unique, we can influence at least one person in this whole world, not everyone is going to like or dislike us, but since I'm considering blogword a lovely place, this is what youtube will be for me.

I want to thank you all for following and reading Cups & Roses, each and every single one of you who commented and encouraged me to keep going and growing, for all your love and support! 

I hope all of you are surrounded by family and friends, with full dining tables, gifts and mostly gratitude, love and light, because this is all we really need! 

May 2015 be our best year so far!