a gift idea * skincare sets

We've already talked about make up and now it's time for skincare!

KORRES is a greek brand, well-known for its skincare mostly and then make up line and it always seems to create really good products, with natural active ingredients, based on Greek flora benefits. Not any weird ingredients or animal testing involved, which is extremely important to mention. Their packaging is so well designed, in symmetry and eye-catching for sure. You just want to stare it for hours! They also have a great range of products, from body to face skincare and treatments, something for everyone I shall say. 

The Japanese Rose Showergel (€ 10,30) is a moisturising showergel, as the name suggests, but what makes it special is definitely the scent. I can't really tell how a Japanese Rose would smell, so I have to describe it as a rose scent, but not a regular one, it's more on the musky side and this is what makes you relax after shower. It lathers up immediately, which I love -who doesn't like a foamy shower anyway? 

The Jasmin Body Milk (€ 13,30) is the next step after shower. Usually I'm too lazy to use a body lotion/butter, but when it's so good, I can't miss it! The Jasmin scent is incredible, it's one of my favourites in general -here's a fact about me by the way! When you first take it out, it's thick and rich, but when you apply it, it literally melts on your body and sinks in immediately, leaving your skin smooth.