auto correct

Make up is an art to me, just like sketching, drawing or painting. You begin with a blank canvas, you choose the right brushes for different applications and then, using various colours in harmony, you create a masterpiece. So, the canvas is your face and after choosing the right products for your skin type/colour in the right way, you can transform it to a piece of art. If these two sticks in green and orange look scary to you, then let me inform you that they are real saviours to cover anything unwanted on your beautiful face, from blemishes to dark circles! Their intense colour has a purpose to fulfill. Just like primary colours can be combined to create secondaries shades, they can also be paired in a different way to compliment each other. So green colours on top of reds and oranges on top of blues, can create a neutral outcome and cancel the colours underneath. If you're dealing with red/dark spots or acne in general then the green one is for you and if you're suffering from dark circles or you just need to brighten your eyes, an orange corrector will do the trick.

I bought those products from HEMA, a store in the Netherlands, but after a small research, there are also stores in Belgium, Luxemburg, France and Germany, so if you're living in any of those places, you should give them try! I've been wanting to try correcting concealers for a long time, so the extremely affordable price convinced me to check them out. They are really creamy (not drying or pulling at all), easy to blend and they last all day. I use the Green Concealer Stick right on blemishes and then blend the edges with my fingers, using a tapping motion. The Orange Concealer Stick is great for the inner corner and the first part of your eye, where the most darkness appears, creating a shadow. You'll be amazed by the result and how much difference they make. After neutralising, you can follow with your regular concealer and foundation, and you won't be able to detect the correctors used before!

Any thoughts on correcting concealers?