24 reasons to celebrate

Well, you've guessed it right! Today it's my birthday and I'm turning 24. Last year was incredible, difficult, but life changing in so many ways, so I wouldn't change a single thing. So many situations occurred and now I feel wiser and more enlightened (even though this is a never ending procedure for those seeking it!).

In order to celebrate this stubborn year that thankfully belongs to the past, I thought to write a small -really?- list of the best and positive highlights that brought me so far!

1. I'm finally home with my family, after 5 years studying in another city. Even though it was great, I wanted to feel the family care again!

2. I started taking singing lessons. The best decision ever! Who knew I could sing after all...

3. I attended a Scenography and Costume Workshop for three months and this week there will be an exhibition to share our work on Anton Tsjechov's 'The Seagull' with the public.

4. I'm spending most of the time with positive and caring people. Sometimes, less is more!

5. Five months ago, Cups & Roses was born and it's still growing!

6. The amazing and supportive people I met along the way. I'm talking to YOU!

7. My make up collection grew a little bit more and my skills are also in progress.

8. Some weeks ago, I had my essay's presentation and I'm finally one step closer to my degree.

9. Fifth season of Downton Abbey is almost here! Anyone's excited too?

10. Loving myself more is the key to happiness.

11. Time heals.

12. I do believe in justice, not vengeance.

13. When someone causes pain to others in any way, he is already in the road of his own doom.

14. If he doesn't respect or appreciate you, he doesn't deserve you.

15. Whoever is to stay, will stay.

16. Everything happens for a reason. A good reason!

17. Miracles happen every day and dreams do come true.

18. Patience and gratitude is everything.

19. Life knows best.

20. Everything comes on time.

21. Truth always comes to the surface and from that point you can act.

22. There has to be some dark for the light to shine.

23. Choosing the light isn't easy but it's totally worth it.

24. What you give is what you get, so give only love.