owl night long

Everyone loves summer for obvious reasons, but for me sometimes it's all about sweating and make up melting. I feel more comfortable in autumn months, when I can wear anything I like, dress it up or down, but always looking good. In the summertime, living in a hot climate country is nice, but also difficult to deal with. I honestly have no idea what to wear and I would prefer the less possible. Plain white shirt, skinny Lee jeans, my favourite summer sandals and the main item of this post, the owl bagpack. It's a faux leather bag, which I found in a local store, only for 10€ and it would be nice for any casual outfit day. Except for the owl pattern, it has a pink background which makes it versatile to be paired with almost everything, but it also comes in so many colour choices, that something tells me that I'll own another one (or two) in the next weeks.