a little bit of salt

LUSH is a well-known soap heaven and not only. I wish there was even one single store where I live, to spend hours and hours smelling all these soaps, melting bars, bath balls... Fortunately, some months back, I had the chance to visit one abroad, but I chose something different to buy, the Sea Spray Hair Mist.  I've seen this hair mist in so many videos and posts, that I knew I had to get it, since I hadn't tried anything similar. This product is amazing itself and it can't be replaced by no other. It contains sea water, sea salt and seaweed. Do you want texture? You have it. Do you want beachy waves? You have it. Do you want your hair smelling like citrus and lemons? Yes, you get that too, its scent is more than divine! Actually, the scent is described as an orange flower, grapefruit, neroli and rosewood blend. This spray provides texture, incredible shine and a little bit of hold, like no other!

Have you ever tried this product?