not your average summer sandals

Yes or No? Whatever the answer is, the damage was done and it was double. Same pair, two different colours. No need to be that dramatic though... Pure leather, 25€ each, what a bargain, huh?

Everyone who knows me can reassure you that I always choose the most classic and safe clothing items and that couldn't be more than true. Each spring/summer, I get the well-known leather flip-flops in a few colours and that's all. This time, I decided to stick with another sandal type and when I saw that white bottom (found in a local store), I thought 'Why not? It's time for a change'. To be more specific, I chose the brown pair, my mother the deep blue, but we'll share them anyway!

The white bottom will add some height too... Well, let's be honest, I need more help than that, but that's another story...

Have you tried anything similar this summer?