Makeup Revolution * Flawless Ultra Eyeshadows

FIRST ROW: Paper | Soft Glow | Buff | Highlite | Angel | Unlimited | Brew | Silver Smoke

SECOND ROW: Almost There | Uncover | Barely Pink | Lowlite | Golden Night | Gold Digger | Cheerless | Blue Stars

THIRD ROW: Smudge | Shimmer Heart | Universal | Copper Shimmer | Medal | Darkest Shimmer | Tarnish | Black Tie

FOURTH ROW: Pure Chocolate | Raw | Red Night | Molton Chocolate | Burgandy Nights | Green Stars | Cafe Noir | Night

Did I say I saved the best for last? I'm sure I did! I believe you understand my awe when I'm looking at this rose gold packaging and then Her Majesty the Queen of palettes, then Ultra 32 Shade Eyeshadow Flawless Palette. Yes, you heard right, 32. 32 amazing shadows, from base shades, inner corner and brow bone highlighters to lots of shimmery and matte shades for all over the lid, crease and all that jazz. Being an eye make up lover, or shall I say a smokey eye addict, this palette has been laying on my desk for days, just to admire it. It has literally every shade you can think of, that compliments every eye colour and it can be used to create million of looks. It contains my favourite neutral shades for the crease, the burgundy colours that I'm obsessed with and many bronze shades that work fine alone, for a natural make up day.

These are the most pigmented shadows I've ever tried, so you have to be careful and start with little product at a time and build it up, if you willing to. Buttery, blendable, long lasting, shall I continue? Now that you were introduced to their names too, any requests are welcome and it will be more than pleasure to create them for you!