face food masks

Almost six months ago, I finally found a skincare routine that still works for me and along with cleansing and moisturising, I added a mask step once a week. Montagne Jeunesse has a great range of masks with different consistencies (fabric, mud, peel-off), ingredients, for any skin type and preference. There is something for everyone! And they are really affordable too! I've used some of their peel-offs before, but lately I've been testing their Face Food line. Every mask type comes in packages of two (each one has product for two uses, so finally you get four uses) and the price, according to their quality, is unbeatable! 

The Dead Sea Mineral Mud Cleansing Masque contains Seaweed, Dead Sea Salt and Passion Flower. It's a blue/green mud mask, that has a refreshing and almost cooling effect for the first 10 minutes. It's probably my favourite mask of the Face Food range, as it's very relaxing. I leave it on for half an hour and when it's totally dry, I wash it off with warm water. I love it as it deeply cleanses my skin and controls the break outs.

The Cucumber & Apple Reviving Face Masque contains Aloe Vera, Dead Sea Salt, Evening Primrose, Lotus Blossom and Passion Flower. It's a mint green mud mask, that has a soothing effect and dries out after a few seconds of applying. It also smells like apples, could it get any better?! Since it needs a little time to dry, I leave it on for 15 minutes and then, rinse it off. It's very lightweight and hydrating.

I have used before the Orange Oil & Vitamin C Peel Off Face Masque (which smells citrus-y amazing) and the Avocado Oil & Walnut Exfoliating Face Masque.

Have you ever tried the Montagne Jeunesse masks?