Max Factor * shadow pots

There is something in eye shadow palettes that I can't get over. The beauty of having so many options together, maybe? If you love eye shadows, then you know what I'm talking about. You just can't have enough! But today, it's not that kind of post. Today I want to talk about these small shadow pots, these extra shades that you won't find in your palettes and they will give you another option for your eye looks.

The Max Factor Wild Shadow Pots come in many beautiful shades, below you can see three of them:

The Wild Shadow Pot in No 25 Savage Rose is a shimmery rose colour, similar to Mac's All that Glitters, for the inner corner or all over the lid.

The Wild Shadow Pot in No 10 Ferocious Black is a black colour with silver shimmer, for all over the lid or outer corner.

The Earth Spirit Pot in No 115 Stormy Blue is a grey blue colour, matte finish, for all over the lid or outer corner.

Have you tried any of these products?