the Body Shop * vitamin E

I wasn't really into Body Shop products in the past, as I thought it was all about soaps, body lotions and scrubs. Most of them did smell amazing, but usually I passed by. After discovering the skincare and make up line, I was very impressed! I was searching for an affordable setting spray for so long, and also a light eye cream, after a period of having to deal with dry skin. The Vitamin E Face Mist is supposed to be a quick skin pick-me up, for instant refreshment, moisture and protection. I use it before applying my make up if I want a moisture boost or after my make up is done as a setting spray. It's a great product, as it really smooths the products used on skin before, creating a fresh and natural looking face. It also helps foundation last longer and I find  that it becomes more and more natural during the day. If you like roses, you will love the delicate rose scent too!

The Vitamin E Eye Cream is supposed to moisture the delicate skin around the eye area, reducing the appearance of fine lines, puffiness and dark circles. It also contains shea butter and rose hip oil. At first, I used it every morning and evening after washing my face, but thankfully dry skin was over, so I apply it under my eyes only if wearing make up. A small amount is needed, using a tapping motion until it soaks in. I can't tell if it reduces fine lines or puffiness, but it definitely somehow brightens up the under eye area. I thought it would have the same rose scent with the face mist, but it's not scented, so it's perfect for sensitive skin too!

Have you tried these products before? Any suggestions on other products from the Body Shop?