eye brushes * what, where & how

Although it may seem difficult to apply eye shadows in a professional way, especially the darkest ones, it's not! and -trust me- the key is in the application by using the right brushes. Every brush shape has its own use and it makes our lives really easy when it comes to eye shadows. Below are all the brushes I use to create any shadow look:

e.l.f. professional Eye Shadow Brush for applying any shadow on your eyelid, using a tapping motion.

SEPHORA PROFESSIONEL Rounded Crease in No 13 for blending the edges of shadows.

H&M Eye Shadow Brush for sweeping any shadow on eyelid and blending.

SEPHORA PROFESSIONEL Smudge in No 14 for smudging any shadow or a pencil/gel liner.

SEPHORA PROFESSIONEL Sponge Tip Shadow in No 27 for smudging a pencil liner.

H&M Eye Shadow Brush for applying any shadow in the inner corner and under eye.

SEPHORA PROFESSIONEL Angled Liner in No 15 for applying gel liner.

SEPHORA PROFESSIONEL Concealer in No 46 for applying cream shadows.