behind the... roses




Hello, my name is Diana P. and I live in Athens, Greece.

Senior Architecture student in the morning, beauty lover at heart, most of the time you will find me exploring any kind of art, from visiting exhibitions and theater plays to designing architecture, making jewellery and singing my soul away.



Right before

finishing my architecture studies, I felt the urge to start a blog just to express aspects of my creativity in an informal, uninhibited way. Cups & Roses was first launched in May 2014, mostly focused on beauty reviews, budget dupes and a little bit of personal style. One year and a half later, along with a template revamp came a content change. Personal works, style, lifestyle can also be found here, plus cozy cafés in busy Athens.


Cups & Roses

 is an online platform where all my passions are gathered to inform and hopefully inspire. This is where I share my life journey so far from any aspect possible, just like a photo diary, aiming to connect with people all over the world, share experiences and communicate.


This is for you

if you're seeking inspiration in the areas of art & beauty, shared by a restless spirit from beautiful Greece, look no further!